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President of the Republic Tunisia, Kais Saied               postzegel internationaal
Route de la Goulette
Site archéologique de Carthage, Tunisie
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Your Excellency,
I write to you to ask you to release ex-Justice Minister and leader of the Ennahdha
opposition party Noureddine Bhiri, and to drop all charges against him. Bhiri is being
investigated for peacefully exercising his human rights including to freedom of expression
and assembly. Bhiri is accused of among others “trying to change the form of the
government” which is punishable by the death penalty in Tunisia. The charges are in
relation to a January 2023 post on Facebook as well as public remarks captured on video
that the authorities attribute to him.
Criticism of the authorities is protected speech under both the International Covenant on
Civil and Political Rights, and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights to which
Tunisia is a state party.
During his arrest on 13 February 2023, security forces hit Bhiri leading to injuries. He
needs medical assistance for his injuries and requires regular medicine for his diabetes
and high blood pressure.
I urge you to immediately release Bhiri, drop all bogus charges against him and ensure
that he receives any medical treatment he may require.
Yours sincerely,
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